Italcurve Snc

Italcurve Snc was established in 1964 by Anacleto Amarossi, who still runs his
company today together with other members of the family who have been
entrusted with a specific area of management.

Today, following continuous investments made by the owners, Italcurve has
facilities that cover an area of more than 5500m2 where all the machinery is located
that is required for performing the work that has set them apart: Steel Bending,
Calendering and Swaging have made Italcurve an industry leader since their first
years of activity.

The company established by Amarossi is a combination of artisan care, tradition, experience and quality thanks to the continuous addition of new equipment, the technical know how of the staff as well as the knowledge of market trends.

Some interesting figures refer to Italcurve's production capacity and their resulting ability to optimally solve the needs of every customer interested in these processes:

  • Narrow radius metal bending
  • Wide radius calendering
  • Calendering of diameters up to 400 mm
  • Tube bending for diameters 6 to 220 mm
  • Section bending up to 200X200X10 mm

Furthermore, some machines are equipped with dedicated extensions for manufacturing heat exchangers with rods longer than 12m.

Finally, all processes are cold-worked without any thermal alteration of the raw material, which makes the finished product more resistant.