Special Machining

ITALCURVE can implement special machining, that is, unique forms and dimensions not mass-produced, often upon specific customer requests.

Special Calendering Projects

Helical coil for the energy sector made in stainless steel, diameter 90×8

Special Artistic Projects

The Red Thread

The Red Thread is a sculpture created by Paola Grossi Gondi and has been located in the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome since 4 March 2014.

In order to create it, she relied on the many years of experience of ITALCURVE, which was able to create it in multiple pieces to make it easier to install in the various rooms of the museum.

The sculpture is made with a variable radius calendered tube with different bending levels using an electronically controlled section bending machine.

DNA Sculpture

A sculpture that represents human DNA, conceived by the sculptors G. Vazza, F. Da Rold and G.Ricci; the expertise of ITALCURVE was chosen for its implementation.

Created with helical shaped curved tubes, thanks to the CNC section bending machine together with the many years of experience of the staff at Italcurve.

It can be seen in the courtyard in front of the Belluno Hospital since 14 November 2003, which was inaugurated in the presence of the Nobel prize winner Rita Levi Montalcini.